YouTube first comment finder

Find the first comment of a Youtube video

What's this?

With you can read the first comment of any YouTube video you want, for free!

How does it works?

Simply enter the URL of the video you want!
No idea? Click here to test with the first YouTube video!

It's not easy to use. Is there an easier way?

There is!

  1. Just drag and drop the button Read first comment to your bookmarks bar
  2. Go to and watch the video you want
  3. Click the "Read first comment" link in your bookmarks bar
  4. Read the first comment of the video on this website!

I want to see the oldest comment of YouTube!

The oldest comment is not on the first video "Me at the zoo", it's on "Good Times!!!".
Good Times!!! was published 25 days after Me at the zoo, but its first comment was posted on June 14, 2005 while Me at the zoo first comment was posted on July 12, 2005 (28 days later).

Why with some videos there is no first comment?

TL;DR: refresh the page in 1 minute

Every time a person use this tool with a video which is not in our database, we start a process in background to read all the comments of the video, and it can take time if there is a lot of comment, sorry!